The Chimes of Heaven

The Mythic Age didn’t end. It just took a break.

While civilization’s march forward certainly overshadowed the myths and legends of the past, the World remained as it always had. People simply didn’t see it. The human mind is a powerful thing, and when an office worker’s mind decides there is no such thing as monsters, he will explain away the winged creature flying overhead as some kind of bird. The sudden explosion of flames from a person’s hands are either some kind of gadget, or he had a can of aerosol and a lighter. Anything can be explained… right?

Still, some people believe. Some people know.

You know.

The Chimes of Heaven is an adventure set in a reflection of our modern world. We use the Scion 2e rules, published by Onyx Path Publishing. This is intended to be, or become, a large scale, integrated World game. The axis on which this World turns will be the “home sessions” run by Devon Weir, but other games can enter its orbit and become a part of the story. If you are interested in running or participating in one such game, email me at with the subject line: Scion Chimes Game.

Axis games will usually be run in person with a core group of players and their characters. Some may be run online, giving other players the opportunity to be direct players in the central experiences. There may be other games, run by other Storyguides, that are recognized as part of this continuity. Some things from those games may be incorporated into the overall World and become chronicle canon.

There is an online component to this game, as well. Some game sessions will be run online, allowing a larger player base to access the story and participate. There will also be channels available for interpersonal role-play and story building. These will utilize what is known as “soft role-play,” meaning challenges, chops, and mechanics are set aside in favor of simply telling a fun story. These will always be consent based. As such, your character is pretty much safe in those channels. One might worry about other players taking advantage of this by being disruptive or crossing lines because there are no challenges allowed. Don’t be one of those people. Those people are removed and not welcome back.

This game is meant to be an Out of Character safe place for those who need one.  In game may be dangerous and challenging, but out of game participants are expected to be mature, respectful adults.

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