28th SD DR Gathering


En Memorium, a Grand Ball on Elysium. Masquerade!

Ok, so everyone who LEGITIMATELY attends the gathering will have received an invitation and business cards.
1- your clothes and mask for the ball are provided for by Cassidy, if your PC wants to take advantage of it. No cost, so if your PC doesn’t have the means to get the stuff you’d want them to wear, Cass already took care of it.

2- quality transportation is provided from ONE location to the gathering, then back to that original location. Everything in between is up to your character to handle. No cost to your PC, it was already taken care of, and seems to be very organized.

I don’t particularly need to know if you used either card, but if VST Mary needs to know, please be sure to inform her. The only reason I’ll need to know is if your character participated in the symbel. Even if you didn’t take part in it, your PC gets the benefits of the transportation and clothing/mask for the evening.

Information about a Symbel is listed below. Look for blue text.

A very nice, though not TOO extravagant, invitation is provided to all Kindred of good standing who are welcome within Prince Santora’s Praxis. This means anyone of any sect can have received one, provided the Prince has not explicitly stated otherwise. The purpose of this is to ensure that all players who want to participate have been given means.  If, however, you believe your character should NOT be on such a list of recipients, please self police. This is on the honor system. That said, the invitation itself is relevant for a few things.

The invitation is in a nice envelope, marked only with a wax seal of a flower- presumably a rose, though the imperfect application on some causes the image to be flawed. It’s not -terrible,- but it’s clearly not practiced, either.

The contents of the envelope fold out to have text on the top of the page, and two small business cards set into small slits in the paper, held within the invitation.

First, the text of the invitation:

“Kindred Spirits!
It is that time of year again, when we don our masks and celebrate those who came before. Join us as we dress in finery or otherwise, bedeck ourselves in styles of all sorts, and share tales of times, friends, family, and memories of the past.
Song, dance, and theatrics will entertain those who attend, and you are encouraged to share your own talents, as well!
Proper attire is required, but proper means many things on the night of this Grand Ball. Whatever you choose it to mean, follow the theme and play along! This is a celebration, after all!”

The first card is for a local clothier and designer. There is a number written in silver ink at the bottom of the card, followed by the acronym SDEMS
On the invitation paper, below where the card is set, is small print which reads: “Present this when you go to select your outfit for the ball, mask included. Your costs have already been covered.”

The second card is similar, but covers transportation. Below the card, which is marked with a similar identifying number as the clothier’s, is more print.  “Call the number on the card, or email, to arrange your transportation. Every guest will be treated to comfortable and safe ferrying to and from the gathering at the start and end of the night.

At the very, very bottom of the paper, in delicate print, it states: “Officers and Elders, including visitors, may enjoy a companion for the gathering. Your invitation covers your ‘plus one.'”

Some players may worry that their PC wouldn’t receive an invitation because they are not local. No worries. First, the text of the invitation allows a +1 to all officers and elders. Second, we’re pretending to be vampires. We can pretend you got a proper invitation, assuming you meet the requirement. Finally, extras will have been provided to officers of the court, so they may hand those out to recent arrivals so they can be properly included. Assume that unless the PC arrives minutes before the ball, they have time to use the enclosed cards.

There is one additional slip of paper in the envelope with the invitation. It isn’t as fancy or well worked as the invitation to the ball, but the script penned on the page is at least nice. It reads:

I am so excited to finally host something, and I want to make it particularly special. I want to take an example from the former Primogen of the Rose and host a contest! I’m not nearly as experienced when it comes to these things, so please forgive how simple this is. But, since our Sovereign has been kind enough to see me as *Loyal,* I am hereby announcing a Symbel Ordeal!

In Memory Of… this is the theme of the Symbel. Here is how to participate:
When selecting your clothes and mask for the ball, represent a clan other than your own. Extra points if you do it with a nod toward someone who has passed. Even better if we can easily tell which clan you’re presenting.
By yourself or with partners, tell a story about someone who is gone. You can recite a poem, tell a story, or even act out your favorite memory!
You can do one or both. The more you put into this, the more likely you are to win. The more detailed and beautiful, the more entertaining and informative, the more valued it will be by the partygoers and myself. Have fun with this! We’re remembering our past and those who meant something to us. Let’s make it meaningful!

Oh, and how to win? Do your best! I want meaning in whatever you do, and I want to be interested. Whoever does the best job representing those who came before, and both entertains and educates me, will win!

The rules are very, very simple. Tell me you’re competing, obey all Traditions, don’t violate Elysium, and see that your messes are cleaned up. Remember that myself, our Sovereign, and her Seneschal all can deem something a mess.

Everyone who attends and helps make our ball even more grand can participate. In addition to all the fun of Status from this, I’ll also do a custom sculpture or pyrography piece for the winner, which can be commissioned at any time. If you want to wait for me to improve my skills, call on me in fifty years if you like. Or immediately. The choice is yours!

Thank you for helping me celebrate my first hosted event with this fun contest!”


There is no signature, but there is a sketch of a rose with the initials C.M. on a petal.



I’m using LOYAL to host the Symbel Ordeal, which is open to everyone who legitimately attends the gathering, as per invitation and such. I’ll let the STs involved handle all the Status mumbo jumbo, depending on who wins. This should be simple, honestly.

The rules: tell Cassidy you’re competing, obey all Traditions, don’t violate Elysium, and make sure your messes are cleaned up (this covers anything construed as a mess, and the Keeper, Prince, and Seneschal all can deem something a mess).

The contest part A: using your garb and mask, rep another clan- extra points if you are repping someone from that clan who has passed.
The contest part B: alone or with others, perform something that honors those who have passed, singular or plural. It can be poetry, narrative, monologue, song, or acting out a scene.

*IF* your PC participates in the symbel ordeal, *PLEASE* use this form so I have all the info and don’t risk forgetting: https://forms.gle/HF5Ck2ZjdNXjQ4vE9
All information gathered will be provided to the STs as well to ensure they have record of what occurs within their jurisdiction.

The OOC deadline for submitting the form is November 15. The winner will be announced either via email or during the following game, depending on what our VST prefers.

If time allows for performance during the game event, and that’s up to the VST and the Prince, PLEASE have it already typed up so you can copy/paste it.  Even if you do this, please use the form or I’ll miss what you did. My brain’s not functioning right, lately. If it’s not in that form, I can’t consider it for the symbel.

I will check with VST Mary to see if anyone chooses to throw Influences, Backgrounds, or Downtimes at this. And yes, I know it’s almost the end of the month and not everyone has those left to use. That will be fairly considered. This will mostly so Mary can help me make sure I respect your efforts in that regard and that the world responds properly to your efforts.

I think that’s it. I hope so. I can’t remember anything else. Sorry this was so long. I hope it wasn’t too much to read.

Devon Weir
Weir Playing Games


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