Mission 1: Distress Signal from the Nostromo

Second Attempt

Players: Bridget, Devon, Tanner

Location: The Nostromo

Objectives: The S.O.S., No One Can Hear You Scream, A Perfect Organism

Heroes: Nick Fury, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Iron Man


The mission was a cakewalk. Our teams were so efficient that we took minimal damage, there was no character death, and we routinely cleared two or more threats per turn. The game was essentially a stroll through the park, waiting for each objective to turn up. There was pretty much no threat of failure, and the victory was just a matter of waiting for the right cards to turn up out of the Hive deck.

The only trouble we faced is that Synthetics, apparently, are highly susceptible to contamination.


I believe the game was too easy for the following reasons:

  • Three players participated, using the setup for a solo run.
  • An extremely overpowered combination of cards from the two sets came into play multiple times.g02-a
  • Each player had the potential to draw the optimal hand repeatedly through the course of the game, increasing efficiency.

In order to adjust the game balance to account for these factors, I have modified the campaign as follows:

  • For each player after the first, put a card from the Hive deck into the Complex during setup.
    • One Player: Four cards in the Complex.
    • Two Players: Three cards in the Complex.
    • Three Players: two cards in the Complex
    • Four Players: one card in the Complex
    • Five Players: no cards in the Complex.
  • Put four Heroes in the Barracks during setup, instead of adding additional heroes when more players participate.
  • Utilize fewer Drone cards in the Hive deck.

Everyone enjoyed the session, which is the primary goal. I just want to turn up the difficulty to match the theme of the Alien franchise. There should be a lot more concern about wounds and character death, in my opinion.

STATUS: Mission Success

To read about other missions or the house-rules for this campaign, visit the Campaign Page.

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