Mission 1: Distress Signal from the Nostromo

Players: Devon

Location: The Nostromo

Objectives: The S.O.S., No One Can Hear You Scream, A Perfect Organism

Heroes: Nick Fury, Elsa Bloodstone, Hawkeye, Iron Man


The mission seemed to be running smoothly for quite a while. Xenomorphs were dying left and right, and the Heroes were strolling through unhindered. Then Ash showed up.  I made the mistake of moving The Perfect Organism to the Airlock too early, which lead to it ending up in the combat zone three turns earlier than it might have otherwise. Ash moved into the Airlock and I was unable to move The Perfect Organism. When Ash entered the combat zone, the third Hazard moved into the Airlock, again preventing me from moving The Perfect Organism. The result was two rounds of horrific damage that I could not survive.


In the end, the heroes were forced to retreat and leave the creature on the Nostromo. Elsa Bloodstone was killed in action.


STATUS: Mission Failure

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